Sleep Products That Make All The Difference

Being a sleep consultant opens the doors to partner with several companies that sell baby products. Even though many doors open, I am very picky about which companies I choose to support. The companies that I do support are the real deal. I fully back their products because I have firsthand experience with them in raising both my boys. Each product has added ease and convenience to my motherhood journey.


Talli Baby Tracker

Let me tell you about the Talli Baby Tracker!
With one touch of a button, I was able to log EVERYTHING without having to use multiple apps. I faced several medical challenges with our youngest baby and being able to have everything logged for the many doctors we were seeing was beyond helpful. I can’t recommend this product enough! This device links up with my phone and it is as easy as one touch of a button! And, it is compatible with Alexa!

With Talli Baby Tracker you can log:

  • feedings
  • sleep
  • diaper changes

Easily use this information when working with professionals such as:

  • pediatricians
  • sleep consultants
  • lactation consultants

The data put into Talli Baby Tracker is also SO USEFUL WHEN TRYING TO ESTABLISH A ROUTINE!
I am all in with Talli!
Use discount code: KRISTEN10 to get $10.00 off!


Slumberpod is a COMPLETE GAME CHANGER!! This product is an investment that you can use with your baby as they continue to grow as it fits perfectly over a pack n play, toddler cot and toddler mattress! Slumberpod creates the perfect sleep environment for your baby by making it completely dark which is exactly what babies need to take restful restorative naps. This product is perfect for room sharing as it creates a barrier that gives your baby the sleep environment needed and also allows you to read on your kindle without having to worry if the light will wake your baby. The fabric is completely breathable and has space for a fan, monitor and white noise machine! And the set-up is a complete breeze! This product is also perfect for travel. I use Slumberpod daily as my baby takes all of his naps and I couldn’t be more pleased! I am all in with Slumberpod! Use discount code: pediatricsleepsupport for $20.00 off!


Love to Dream Swaddle


This product was a dream because I was able to keep my baby in a swaddle that allowed him to be in a more natural position with his arms up!

Visit @lovetodreamusa for more info:

Designed to promote self-soothing and more restful sleep, the Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original wraps your baby in soft comfort, while still giving them access to their hands.

  • Teaches your baby to self-soothe for longer, more restful periods of sleep
  • Emulates your baby’s natural sleep position with their arms up and legs splayed
  • Access to hands
  • Innovative twin zipper for easy diaper changes
  • Convenient cutout travel slot lets you buckle your baby into the stroller without removing the swaddle

Vava baby night light is perfect for night feedings. I used this light with my baby, and it was so convenient especially while room sharing! This light gives the perfect amount of light for keeping baby awake through the feed while also not allowing the room to become too bright; making it harder for baby to get back to sleep.

I am a huge fan of the LectroFan white noise machine! This product provides ten fan sounds and ten ambient noise variations, including white noise, pink noise and brown noise. It is also small in size so it doesn’t take up a lot of shelf space in the nursery.

There are a number of fantastic sleep sacks out there but I happen to be a huge fan of Kyte Baby! They are so soft and my son loves his! 1.0 TOG is perfect for us because it is rated for 69-73 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideal room temperature for safe sleep is 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.