Prenatal Services

Get ahead before the baby arrives

If you are looking for sleep education that you can begin implementing once the baby arrives, this is the package for you.

Sleep Education

Who knew there would be so much to learn about such a tiny human? I will teach you about newborn sleep including sleep cycles, awake times and how to tell if your baby is hungry or tired. I will provide you with recommendations on what a healthy sleep environment looks like, the benefits of the swaddle as well as a variety of soothing techniques you can offer your baby. In addition we will discuss what an appropriate nap and feeding schedule looks like.

Private 60 minute consultation
Before the arrival of your little one, we will schedule a phone call or in person consultation (depending on location) to discuss healthy sleep habits, structure, consistency and routine. During this time you may also ask me any sleep questions you have.

Phone support
Two 30 minute follow up phone calls up to 8 weeks after the baby has arrived. I encourage you to write down your questions as they come and then book a call to get them answered.

Care bundle
This will include additional sleep education on topics you may need help with in the future such as illness, sleep regressions, nap transitions, travel tips, daylight savings and early morning wake ups.

This package includes:

  • Sleep Education
  • 60 minute private consultation
  • Phone support
  • Care bundle

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