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Weary Parents

Are you drained from trying everything in the book to get your child sleeping? You are not alone. In fact 30% of all babies struggle with learning how to sleep independently. It is very common if these skills are not learned, sleep challenges will persist for 3 to 5 years. The good news is, there is hope and you have come to the right place. As a mom who struggled with my son’s sleep for two very long years, I want you to know more than anything else that you are not alone and together we will implement strategies that are not only right for your family but also provide results. When it comes to the behavioral side of sleep, parents can: create sleep challenges, prevent sleep challenges and correct any sleep challenge that occur! That my friend is hope! As a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I offer customized sleep plans and continued follow up support until your sleep goals have been met.

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My Specialties

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What does lack of sleep look like for you?

  • Extreme vulnerability?
  • Isolation?
  • Loss of self?
  • Negative affects on your relationship with your other children?
  • Negative affects on your relationship with your partner?
  • Negative affects with your relationship with yourself?
  • Poor nutrition?
  • Depression and Anxiety?

I experienced all of those affects and more in the midst of my sleep deprivation. My purpose is to support you every step of the way during this challenging season of life that i know firsthand can be transformed into a season of fulfillment.  I create a safe space, free of judgement and offer a listening ear for you to share your story.


My Sleep Philosophy

My sleep Philosophy is based on personal experience as well as the intense training and mentoring I received to become a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. The bottom line is that healthy sleep habits make for healthy children. Sleep truly begets sleep and I believe that wholeheartedly.

A well-rested child is curious, energetic, happy, playful and eager to learn. My heart as a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant is to speak life and truth to families that are struggling. As your child’s sleep coach, I realize that you are putting a great deal of trust in me and I want you to be confident that I do not take that honor lightly.

No one knows your child better than you do and this is why Pediatric Sleep Support is so effective. Together, we will customize a sleep plan that you are 100% comfortable with.


My Approach

My approach to improving your child’s sleep is pretty simple:

  • I’ll TEACH you
  • I will PROVIDE a customized plan
  • I will show you HOW to measure success
  • I will ENCOURAGE and support you every step of the way.


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